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Indulge your customers in the vibrant celebration of Pasmosa Premium Sangrias! Elevate the spirit of your bar, restaurant, or retail space with the rich and authentic flavors of Spain.

We're actively seeking partners to join the Pasmosa Fiesta and share the joy of our exquisite sangrias. Ready to offer your clientele a taste of the extraordinary? Fill out the form below, and our friendly representatives will reach out to make Pasmosa a delightful addition to your offerings. Let the fiesta begin! #PasmosaSangria #JoinTheFiesta #SangriaVendor


Bring The Fiesta!

Spice Up Your Venue with Pasmosa Sangria! Inquire Now for a Taste of the Ultimate Sangria Experience. Let the Fiesta Begin!

Contact  Me

Yes! I'm interested. I want to be contacted about becoming a new Pasomosa vendor.

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