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Young woman pouring Pasmosa Rosé into a wine glass


Skyline photo of a city in Spain
Vineyard where grapes used for Pasmosa Sangria are grown
Pasmosa Sangria bottles displayed in a restaurant

In mid-2013, Eamon McDonald (CEO of Pasmosa Sangria) noted a significant issue: finding good sangria in bars and restaurants was nearly impossible. He found that most sangria options fell into two categories: a basic mix of leftover wine and cheap fruit, sometimes with hard alcohol, or a bartender's or grandmother's homemade recipe, which often lacked authenticity. 


Eamon observed that in the retail market, true sangria options were limited, with most imported sangrias having a low alcohol content (6-7% ABV) and lacking authentic Spanish varietals. Even those with a higher ABV were not made from Spanish grapes and did not offer an authentic experience.

Determined to find a high-quality, authentic Spanish sangria, Eamon traveled to Spain. He visited various wine regions, eventually partnering with a family-owned winery in Castilla La Mancha, known for its premium wines and sangria. They collaborated to create a high-quality sangria that would be commercially viable and maintain its flavor even when served over ice.

The outcome of this collaboration was Pasmosa, a unique sangria combining fine Tempranillo, Grenache, and Airen wines with natural Mediterranean fruit essences and sugar. With a 12% alcohol content, Pasmosa is ready to serve with just ice, making it an ideal choice for bars, restaurants, and retail markets.

Hand pouring Pasmosa Sangria into a glass cup with ice and an orange wedge

Pasmosa quickly gained popularity due to its consistent quality, full-bodied flavor, and attractive packaging. It offered a higher profit margin for bars and restaurants compared to their own house-made blends. Moreover, its quality and affordability made it stand out in retail markets. Pasmosa's success was further validated by high scores from Tasting Panel Magazine.

Eamon's vision of introducing a high-quality, authentic sangria to the market was realized with Pasmosa. It has become a favorite choice for celebrating life, bridging the gap between traditional Spanish sangria and modern consumer preferences.

Display photo of Pasmosa Sangria

Pasmosa is Spanish for "Astonishing!" And that's exactly what you'll think when you enjoy a glass of this flavorful sangria, lovingly crafted in the time-honored tradition of Old World winemakers. Whether enjoyed at a midday fiesta in a downtown cantina, or in the quiet company of family and friends on a warm summer night, an ice-filled glass of this wonderfully delicious blend will compliment any occasion.

Pasmosa uses only fresh and all-natural ingredients and contains no additives. The full-bodied 12% ABV will maintain its great taste and alcohol down to the last drop - even after cooling with ice. It's a fuller taste you and your guests will appreciate.

Pasmosa Sangria is ready to drink. Serve over ice and garnish with fresh fruit if desired.

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